Pegasus Haven Ranch, Inc. is a 501 (C)(3), Non-Profit organization.  Pegasus Haven Ranch, Inc. (PHR), is dedicated to rescuing abused and neglected horses. We provide opportunities for rehabilitation, training, and placement of horses to good homes. 

The Vision
To create animal rescue driven opportunities that connect rural Nevada's neglected and abandoned horses to other organizations and individuals to nurture back to good health. Provide any rehabilitation and training that may be needed, and placement of horses to good homes to live a life of dignity and love. 

The MIssion
Strengthen the PHR network by establishing a framework,  to focus on a collaborative effort for awareness and education,  to identify and promote the rescue, rehabilitation, training and placement opportunities for abused and neglected horses.

The primary efforts will  be to establish a network to help with overcrowded rescue facilities and shelters across southern Nevada.. Within a region that spans 18,147 square miles of unique desert landscape, and features one of the most challenging climates on earth.

Core Value
Acheiving Excellence for rural local-determination with respect and integrity.

Due to the economic conditions we now live in. Inadequate living conditions has increased in the number of neglected and abandoned horses.  Pegasus Haven Ranch (PHR) is proposing the development of a Southern Nevada Equestrian Network. A consortium if you will, in order to further the collaboration of State and Federal resources.

The initiation and development of a logic model, based on organizational objectives, to provide direction for the decision making board of directors leading the local network. In order to assure optimal, diverse and competent solutions. This innovation requires organization, cooperation, agility, and a great deal of creative problem solving among the many animal rescue and service organizations in this provision, and the continual need for rescuing.

The network is multi-faceted with inputs, activities, and strategies for intermediate and long-term outcomes in terms of preparation, and dispursement of policy and practice. 

  • Develop and enhance collaboration with our Community, Federal and State Partners
  • Maintain the infrastructure that facilitates innovation in practice and policy
  • Increase the number of adoption homes for horses in the rural portion of Nevada
  • Plan, develop and implement service jobs for rescued horses that are in demand
  • Decrease the need for carnage of all horses in the rural portions of Nevada


 Just a little LOVE ...  goes a long way in making a neglected horses life worth living again!

Pegasus Haven Ranch, Inc.
Pahrump, Nevada